Swalambhan Unnati supported by Drishtee Foundation (2019-2020)

Women play an important role in family development in terms of the health and hygiene of children and other family members, nutrition food intake and children’s education. However, traditionally men took leadership roles for such family development activities and women due to lack of resources did not have much say in family affairs. Various experiments and experiences clearly indicate that the financial empowerment of women brings huge transformation in the family. Thus it is important to create and develop the livelihood skills of women, even from the poor women so that the desired development takes place in society. One of the means of developing entrepreneurial skills of women is forming them into Self Help Groups train them for small income-generating activities. The programme was supported by Drishtee Foundation.

This project targeted the marginalized people of 06 villages (Sapnadar, Kudardih, Kesara, Barima, Ropakhar, Bihipara) of Mainpat block of Surguja districts of Chhattisgarh. There are many remote villages on the Mainpat plateau where due to physical impassability and remoteness development initiatives of the government did not reach as they should be. This project Swalambhan Unnati was a humble attempt to develop marginalized people of the place.

Major Activities

  • Formation of SHGs
  • Capacity building of existing SHGs for tapping livelihood opportunities, record maintenance, managing income generation activities, marketing of produces and value chain
  • Inter and Intra exposure of SHGs for learning
  • Ensuring regular SHG meeting
  • Strengthening both group and individual income-generating activities and collective marketing
  • Installation, maintenance, and upgrade of production units.
  • Formation of cluster units
  • Regular review meeting of producer groups and unit cluster
  • Bank linkage of SHGs
  • Organizing exhibition on produces